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Glockparts offers a unique system of porting semi-automatics by using 3 round ports through each side of the barrel and 3 vent slots through the slide to allow maximum dissipation without fouling. Shooters using Glockparts "Viper" services do not experience the large flash of muzzle blast experienced with systems dumping larger volumes of gases through holes positioned across the center line. Law enforcement agencies and companies offering night sights have tested our porting service finding no increase in muzzle blast or night blindness attributed to our porting service. The wrist-wrenching recoil of a 10mm is controlled through the Viper porting making it feel more like an un-ported .45 ACP. The reduction in muzzle rise and felt recoil allows the .45 to be brought back on target in less time, which could be crucial in a firefight. Porting will make the gun more manageable and much more pleasant to shoot. On lighter calibers such as the 9mm, shooters find their primary benefit gained by a major reduction in muzzle rise.

Turn around is 5-6 weeks for the Viper Porting.

Not recomended for the singlestack models G42,43,43X,48



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    Absolutely B-E-A-utiful!

    Posted by Twenny on 31st Jan 2022

    I have been waiting for this bad boy to come back for 7 weeks because I was silly enough to send my 43x slide out right before Thanksgiving! I just got it, and whoa, wow, bad mamma jamma!!! Craftsmanship is remarkable. Perfect barrel holes and the slide matches up to them down to the .001 mm. I am beyond happy and would highly recommend these guys. I haven't had an opportunity to shoot it, but I can tell you Sig is factory porting their new subcompact. I went ahead and threw a new DPM recoil system in with the 15 round mag and metal mag release from Shield Arms. I'm gonna guess I can bark 15 rounds with very very very little muzzle rise. If you are wondering, the ports will definitely channel to the side. Not above. Do not hesitate thinking it will "blind you" at night. They do not interfere with my tritium sights. A+ 100000% rockyourglock!

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    Viper porting

    Posted by Charlie on 31st Jan 2022

    Perfect workmanship ! I had the viper porting done to my G32 357cal.Before the porting I felt more recoil on my G32 than on my G23 40 cal.So much recoil that after a few mags it felt uncomfortable. Now the recoil Is less than on my G23. I shoot my G32 comfortable now! And I love the way it looks too! I’m very happy ! Thanks @ Rockyourglock!!

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    Excellent Product.

    Posted by Bill Thomas on 31st Jan 2022

    Excellent workmanship. Works great. Highly recommended.