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RockYourGlock offers a unique system of porting semi-automatics by using a oval port through the barrel and an oversized expansion vent through the slide to allow maximum dissipation without fouling. Shooters using RockYourGlock's "C-Comp" services do not experience the large flash of muzzle blast experienced with systems dumping larger volumes of gases through holes positioned across the center line. Law enforcement agencies and companies offering night sights have tested our porting service finding no increase in muzzle blast or night blindness attributed to our porting service. It's amazing what a difference two oval slots can make! The wrist-wrenching recoil of a 10mm is controlled through the C-Comp porting making it feel more like an un-ported .45 ACP. The reduction in muzzle rise and felt recoil allows the .45 to be brought back on target in less time, which could be crucial in a firefight. Porting will make the gun more manageable and much more pleasant to shoot. On lighter calibers such as the 9mm, shooters find their primary benefit gained by a major reduction in muzzle rise. Turn around is 8-9 weeks for the C-Comp Porting.


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    Love the C Comp on my 43

    Posted by James99502 on 31st Jan 2022

    Got the standard C-comp porting on my G43 - now its my best deep conceal pistol ever.

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    Posted by G31 on 31st Jan 2022

    Very happy with the fit and finish of the porting. Looks great!

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    Glock 42 C Comp Porting

    Posted by Nick Name on 31st Jan 2022

    Trying to minimize recoil I sent my slide and barrel out to get the C Comp treatment. I have a factory 19c and love it so I chose the C Comp option. The first round gave me a huge smile. I absolutely love this thing, it isn't like shooting a .22 but it's incredibly tame and fun to shoot. Evey friend that has shot it has a similar experience expecting a somewhat violent action of a tiny mouse gun then they fire a shot and look back in amazement. I was kind of scared that it might not cycle afterwards but I have had no issues with it. Only problem I have had was the re-coating of the barrel and slide cause them to bind up when pushed all the way back, only a problem when new after some oil and working it back and forth to induce some wear it runs perfectly fine.

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    Glock 20 porting

    Posted by Phil on 31st Jan 2022

    Just got my Glock 20 back and wow.. Really impressed with the work and finish. Looks brand new.. Can't wait to go to the range. Getting ready to send in my Glock 22 and 41 in for the same upgrade and I hope they come back looking as good...