Taran Tactical base pads +1 Fits G43

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Taran Tactical is considered as one of the leading manufactures of performance aftermarket parts. There are many well known nationally ranked competitive shooters such as Robert Vogel, Allie Barrett and Diana Hufsterdler that use Taran Tactical accessories to get the competitive edge they need to win. The parts that create a competitive edge for the competition shooters give the same game changing edge for concealed carry and LEO shooters as well.

The Taran Tactical base pads for the G43 are designed with the patented push pin to make installing and removing the base pad quick and easy. The design allows the removal of the base pad without any special tools; all you need to do is simply depress the push pin and the base pad slides off for easy magazine cleaning and inspection.

This Taran Tactical base pad for the G43 will add 1 extra round to the magazine capacity without adding much length to the bottom of the pistol to still allow for a deep concealed carry without printing. These are hard anodized and made from billet aluminum and precision CNC machined. Select your color option above.


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    BEST +1 base pad for G43 concealed carry

    Posted by FedOregon on 31st Jan 2022

    This +1 base pad adds just enough length (less than all the others) to allow a full hand grip with my pinky on the mag base, AND it does this without adding so much length as to make the gun print more. I pocket carry my G43 and the Taran Tactical is the best, bar none, for this use. You pay more but it is definitely worth it.

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    Fantastic base pad

    Posted by Glock-girl on 31st Jan 2022

    Love the ability to increase my carrying capacity, without compromising concealability. Looks great, Service by RYG was second to none-- fast easy, and courteous.

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    Like how it extends the grip

    Posted by WP1985 on 31st Jan 2022

    +1 was the big reason for getting this, but the slight extension allows me to get my pinky on the grip now. That benefit is great for my grip - both drawing and control while firing. Conceal-ability is not changed - I use IWB Crossbreed Mini Tuck. Function has been 100%. Seating against a closed slide takes some force, but should improve over time.