Taran Tactical base pads +1 Fits G42

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Taran Tactical is known in the competitive shooting world as one of the leading manufactures of top performing aftermarket parts. Many well-known nationally ranked shooters such as Robert Vogel, Allie Barrett and Diana Hufsterdler use Taran Tactical parts for the competitive advantage they provide. The great performing competitive parts also make a great transition to carry concealed parts when split seconds matter. Many LEO departments and concealed carry owners count on the quality and durability of Taran Tactical’s parts to gain an advantage.

The Taran Tactical base pads for the G42 include the patented push pin design for an easy install and removal to make magazine cleaning a breeze. No special tools are required to remove the base pad from the magazine, simply depress the push pin and slide the base pad off! The push pin is integrated into the design so that it is all one piece and will not fall out or come loose during the install or during shooting. The Taran Tactical base pads for the G42 adds one round capacity to the magazine to give the shooter a total of 7 rounds in the magazine without adding much length to the bottom of the magazine to still allow for a stealth concealed carry without printing. These are made from CNC machined billet aluminum and hard anodized to create a product that will withstand the most grueling abuse. Select your color option from the drop down above.


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    Glock 42 base plates from TTI

    Posted by Unknown on 31st Jan 2022

    Ordered the +1 & +2 for my Glock 42. Followed easy install tips off youtube. The +2 spring seemed too stiff so I chose to use the factory spring instead. Both baseplates ran flawlessly and help have a better purchase on the weapon. Not sacrificing any concealment than the Pierce pinky extension and more rounds! I'm sold!