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The RYG Phantom trigger is engineered with innovative features conveniently housed within the trigger pad, for the ultimate performance experience, in a sleek, seamless design.

This unique fully adjustable (drop-in) trigger is CNC machined from billet 6061 T6 aluminum and hard anodized to withstand the affects of environmental stress and chemical exposure.

The Phantom Trigger offers both pre-travel take-up and over-travel engagement adjustments, thus providing the user with optimal control and customizability. Tuning action is achieved by two opposing, conveniently located 2/56 inch adjustment screws. This quality allows the user to precisely tune the feel of the trigger to his or her preferred specifications, including fore and aft travel distance.

The Phantom Trigger utilizes a distinctive, spring loaded, anatomical engagement safety, which maintains full responsiveness and reliability without ever sacrificing safety. The Phantom Trigger's precision-machined trigger bar boasts mirror polishing on all engagement and contact surfaces. This element greatly increases the sensitivity and overall performance of the trigger.

The Phantom Trigger is compatible with all Glock calibers and size formats, and is easily installed by the consumer. The dynamic features of the Phantom Trigger allow the user to transform their stock factory Glock trigger into a highly accurate, dynamic and reliable trigger system.

  • Set screws in front and back of the trigger to adjust over travel and pre travel.
  • All aluminum trigger milled out of solid billet aluminum.
  • Wide ergonomic trigger safety is completely flush when depressed.
  • Very short trigger reset.
  • All Glock safeties fully functional.
  • Instructions and allen key included.

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  • Reviews

    • 5
      Phantom Adjustable Trigger

      Posted by nati on 31st Jan 2022

      The trigger is excellent. Allows easy clicking and shortening of ranges. recommended

    • 5
      Great triggers!

      Posted by Jas on 31st Jan 2022

      As close to hairline as possible. Combine with trigger spring kit and you're at comp. quality.

    • 5
      great trigger

      Posted by Macgyver on 31st Jan 2022

      Recently received my Phantom trigger for my custom glock 27 custom. Vast improvement over the stock trigger. Reset on trigger is great the trigger is wider feels real good on trigger finger, and looks good to. A must if you shoot much or carry for self defense. Best Regards mark Paris TN LANF OF THE FREE

    • 5
      Glock 43 Upgraded Trigger

      Posted by Unknown on 31st Jan 2022

      RYG trigger from RockYourGlock is a huge improvement over the stock trigger. Just for the comfort alone, with a wider trigger safety shoe is well worth the cost. With the trigger adjusted and reduced connector in place, the gun now becomes more of a shooter. And lets face it, we all need more practice to master and hone our shooting skill set. Thanks. P.

    • 5

      Posted by john on 31st Jan 2022

      Feels just like my other glocks which have zev triggers. I like the flat face and overtravel adjustment. Cheaper than zev but still overpriced.

    • 5
      This new trigger ROCKS

      Posted by Terry on 31st Jan 2022

      I have been a glock man since they first became available to the public. In fact my Glock Model 21 serial number is USA*** that's how old it is. and it still shoots like crazy. The gun easily has 100 thousand rounds through it. So When I bought the new Phantom trigger and dropped it in my model 23 which is one of my main carry guns I was blown away by the way it felt. This totally changes the way it feels in all the right ways. I will be getting another for my model 43 soon. So take it from a old Glock guy you can't go wrong with this trigger. By far the most bag for the buck in flat triggers.

    • 5
      glock g20 trigger

      Posted by 383 monzter on 31st Jan 2022

      went in easily,needed no adjustments,minimal takeup,and audible reset.worlds ahead of the stock trigger.original trigger was recalled,glock sent me an upgraded replacement.was having full auto bursts with the original.this trigger feels great,and looks fantastic too.

    • 5
      phantom trigger

      Posted by williamb on 31st Jan 2022

      it is a pleasure to pull this trigger.

    • 5
      Phantom Trigger G41 Cal .45 ACP

      Posted by Rio on 31st Jan 2022

      This phantom trigger is perfect for my g41. Eliminates pre-travel & over travel, very short reset and very easy to install. Overall it's a great trigger ...