RYG 3.5 LB Glock trigger kit

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One of the problems with reducing the trigger pull weight in the Glock is the loss of the firm trigger reset. RYG has now developed a reduced poundage spring kit that reduces the trigger pull down to 3.5lbs while keeping a fast/crisp reset.

This is a drop in kit that requires no permanent modification to the pistol. This kit allows for a fast reset and reduced trigger pull for improved accuracy and quick shot recovery.

All of our springs are tempered stainless steel. Kit includes the RYG 3.5lb minus connector, trigger spring (6lbs), firing pin spring (3lbs), and firing pin safety spring. Fits all Glock models (Does not work with G42)


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    Freaking Awesome!

    Posted by R.Matthew on 31st Jan 2022

    I love it. Had an issue when I first started, and it was my own fault. This thing works like a charm. I used this and the over-travel stop and my Glock trigger in my Gen4 G22 is now absolutely sweet!

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    Posted by R.Matthew on 31st Jan 2022

    I have this and the over-travel stop in my G22 and I love it. I'm also putting this setup in my new G19 build. Makes the Glock feel like it should.

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    It's a definite improvement.

    Posted by Matthew on 31st Jan 2022

    It's definitely an improvement over factory, but it's not great. It doesn't smooth out the pull at all, just makes it lighter. I put the RYG over-travel stop in and had to go back to the factory trigger spring or it wouldn't reset properly. As far as recommending this, if you like tinkering with your guns, then yes, buy it. If you just like drop in, maybe not so much.