XL Competition Recoil Spring Assembly Kit Fits Gen4 G34/G35

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The XL recoil assembly kit is made from the heaviest stainless steel available to reduce muzzle rise and felt recoil. The heavy large diameter guide rods are non-captured allowing for an easy recoil spring switch. The included 15lb recoil spring is round wound and will increase the action smoothness during cycling and when charging the pistol. The guide rod and ring where created with minimal clearance for a more uniform and pleasing look.
Kit includes: Large diameter heavy guide rod, black stainless steel reducer ring, 15lb recoil spring.

The Benefits Include:

Heavy Guide rods will promote less felt recoil and muzzle rise
Quick and easy spring changes
Increase positive shell ejection to the right
Precision machined fit to ensure a proper lockup
Non-glare finish
ISM Full Size Recoil Springs do not work with this product.
The JCGR-XL is .700 longer than the SL version Fits: G34 and G35 Glock pistols