Warren Tactical Sights For G42/43 Tritium Rear w/ Tritium front

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The Warren Tactical sights use the patented wave design rear sight. This unique design directs the shooters eyes towards the front sight and keeps the focus on the target/threat. This allows for a fast target acquisition and during defensive shooting you can keep your eye on the threat areas; such as hands and bulges. All of the corners and edges have been rounded to reduce distraction while acquiring the target. The rear sight uses the ?Warren Notch?; slight radiuses have been added to the edges of the notch and the bottom has been kept flat. All of these slight design changes are all made with the intention of speeding up accuracy and speed.

The rear sight is expanded to .150 to allow for increased visibility on the left and right side of the front sight which increases target acquisition speed and allows for faster follow-up shots. The rear sight is created with a flat blade and a slight rearward angle to further reduce distractions and light glare. All of these features combined give the competitive and defensive shooter an increased advantage for fast accusation, increase target discrimination, and fast and accurate shot placement and follow-up shots.

These Warren Tactical Sights have a tritium rear sight and uses the Trijicon tritium front night sight for fast target accusation during low light and night shooting.

The Warren Tactical Sights with Tritium rear and Tritium front fits all Glock models G42/43