Taran Tactical Grand Master 3.25lb Connector Kit For Gen1-3

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The Taran Tactical 3.25lb trigger kit was designed to give the competitive shooter the advantage they need to win consistently. Top ranked shooters such as Bob Vogel, Nils Jonasson, Shane Coley, and Dustin Ellerman use the Taran Tactical 3.25lb trigger kit for its superiority and competitive excellence compared to other trigger kits on the market.

This kit will bring the trigger pull on your Glock pistol down to 3-4lbs depending on the model and generation with no gunsmithing required! This kit will create the lightest, cleanest and smoothest trigger pull you will ever put into your Glock. The connector is made from heat treated SAE 1075 steel and each part is polished to a high gloss to achieve a smooth break and lifetime worth of use. When used in conjunction with the chrome silicone springs you are guaranteed a smooth trigger pull every time.

Fits all Gen1-3 Glock pistols (does not fit G42/43)

This kit includes:
1ea Taran Tactical Connector
1ea Taran Tactical striker springs
1ea Taran Tactical trigger springs
1ea Taran Tactical plunger safety spring
1ea Taran Tactical Gen1-3 steel trigger housing pin


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    Made a Real Target Pistol out of my Glock 24

    Posted by Western shooter on 31st Jan 2022

    Fixed all the issues I had with the action on my 24