SI Extended Magazine Plate for Glock™ 43X

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The Strike Industries G43X Extended Magazine Plate (G43X EMP) design provides smoother magazine reloading through its low drag / no snag design. The G43X EMP provides multiple functions, primarily an additional 2 rounds bringing the G43X capacity up to 12 ( 10 round double stack + 2 with EMP) While providing more magazine capacity, the extended grip surface provides extra finger space for better grip and control. With better ergonomics it provides higher accuracy potential over the base model subcompact. Designed to match the look of the factory glock grip frame, it seamlessly blends in.The EMP for G43x is a must have addition for your EDC! 

 Package includes:
- 1x Magazine Plate Extension for G43X
- 1x  Locking plug

- Magazine extension for G43X (+2 for 9 mm)
- Designed to match the look of the factory glock grip frame
- Exterior designed to provide quick and easy gripping
- Unique locking design that also works as an extension for the grip

NOTE: Upon removal of the stock baseplate -- remove follower and spring from magazine body. Ensure spring coils are straight and untwisted, and that the first four, smaller coils nest neatly inside the cup style follower when the spring is compressed. *Also compatible with G48