RYG Extended Length Magazine Releases

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This is an excellent item that will make it easier and faster to perform magazine reloads. Because the push button is larger, you don't have to alter or change your grip to depress the Magazine Release button! That means you'll be faster changing the magazines and, also, you'll be faster and more accurate for the next shot!
Machined from durable anodized aluminum, easily installed in minutes!
You can engage this snag free Extended Aluminum Mag Catch without breaking or changing your grip. And, it feels a lot better on your thumb! Highly recommended for all shooters. Will not interfere with concealment or duty holsters.
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    Highly recommended

    Posted by Scott L on 31st Jan 2022

    The first thing my gunsmith said was “ get an aluminum mag release”. I took me a while to find one that wasn’t bulky and tacky looking. The quality, fit and function of this piece are perfect.

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    g19 gen 3 anodized extended magazine release

    Posted by david a. on 31st Jan 2022

    this is a terrific product that takes all of a couple of minutes to install. not only is it a perfect fit but is so much better than the stock plastic part in a number of ways, one of which was a bit of a surprise. i opted for the red, thinking it would be a nice contrast to the black. it turned out to be just as i had hoped. it is noticeable but still subtle. the extended length (2.5mm i believe) is part of what makes this such a tremendous improvement. it is easier to reach without changing ones grip to actuate it. also, and maybe it is just that it is made of aluminum, but the feel when actuating it is much more positive than the stock piece. somehow it feels like there is more tension on the spring. the surprise came when inserting a magazine. when the magazine is fully inserted, and captured against this release, there is a much more audible and tactile snap when the magazine locks into place. i imagine it is just the result of the difference in the two materials interacting when the release locks into the notch on the magazine. the stock release just feels mushy and not nearly as positive in comparison. absolutely an a+++ product.

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    RYG Extended Length Magazine Releases

    Posted by Phil E on 31st Jan 2022

    Excellent product. Able to set up for left hand shooters . Recommend for any G43 owners.

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    Great look

    Posted by Bigdaddyx57 on 31st Jan 2022

    Loved the way it made my Glock 27 look.

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    Posted by JP on 31st Jan 2022

    Look, I didn't care for the Glock OEM mag release button, so here I went. Vickers, it worked but didn't care for the feel or the look, that didn't seem to match the gun really, but it worked. Then I tried Ghost, which I was really disappointed because it was a safety issue of all things. The magazine, loaded or not wouldn't engage with the release when fully inserted. It was not a fit issue and yes, my tension spring was properly installed into the notch. In order to secure the magazine, you had to push the opposite side of the release button back into the frame to engage it into magazine notch. I hope that made sense. THEN COMES RYG! I saw the release button and loved the design and the fact that it was made out of aluminum. After I installed it, it was clear that this was a must-have for this pistol. It is smooth as glass, and crisp during operation. It gives you an immediate and obvious secure engagement. Ejecting is just as nice, clean crisp release and the magazine slides right out as God intended it too.

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    Mag release

    Posted by shay on 31st Jan 2022

    Shipped very fast was easy to install

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    GEN. 4 - Model 19

    Posted by STEVE on 31st Jan 2022

    Very good quality and it looks good on the gun. It makes it a lot easier to release the magazine than the Glock's standard issue.......

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    RYG Extended Length Mag Release

    Posted by Hugh on 31st Jan 2022

    I purchased 2 of these for my gen 3 Glock 19s. They make a tremendous difference. The stock mag release required me to reposition my hand while attempting to drive the mag release through the handle to release the mag. The new one is long enough to allow for easy mag dumps without hand repositioning. I don't notice it when shooting but can easily find it when it comes time to switch out.

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    Makes Ejecting Magazine Easier

    Posted by JasonR on 31st Jan 2022

    Definitely worth the money, easy to release mags now and happy with it. Bought another one for my Glock 17.