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This new technique will give your Glock a unique look and absolutely best grip you have ever experienced. You'll never have your Glock slip in your hand again. It is far superior to slip on grips and stick on grips; however, it does alter the frame forever. Our craftsmen laser engrave a stippled cube pattern into your Glock's frame. Unlike most other stipple jobs, this laser engraved pattern is uniform and precise. This alters your frame permanently and makes your grip extremely tacky so that it stays put in your hand under even the most humid conditions. To order, purchase this service online and send us your frame with a copy of your invoice. Turn around time is 2-3 weeks from the date your frame is received. Applies to all model Glock handguns.


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    Can’t believe I waited so long to have this done

    Posted by TJ on 31st Jan 2022

    I sent it in an old beat up G23 Gen 4 frame and was sent back a piece of art. If the serial number was not the same I would not think this was my old frame. Looks fantastic with a much improved grip! I think my favorite part about this pattern is that it’s not rough on your hands however it is easy to hold without digging into your palms . Unfortunately I can’t figure out how to attach a photo but my frame looks just like the one pictured. This was well worth the money!! Also fast turn around time……From the time I sent it to the time I received the back was under three weeks. I was initially hesitant about sending the frame through the mail but I took it directly to UPS customer service store and it was no problem. I also opted for the finger groove removal. Looks fantastic if I had to do it all over again I would have added the trigger undercut and sent other frames in at the same time.