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The Glock slide firing pin channel has a part installed in it which is called the channel liner. The channel liner is a tubular shaped plastic part that is pushed into the channel with a special tool and stays in place by way of friction fit. The purpose of the channel liner is to lessen the firing pin spring and spring cup wear and to eliminate the need for lubricant. The liner needs to be removed and replaced with a new one if it gets scored, heavily scratched or when the slide is going to be refinished in an extremely hot environment such as reblueing in a hot tank or when curing finishes in an oven.

Our channel liner tool is designed to both remove and install the channel liner in the Glock slide without damaging the slide.

To remove the channel liner, simply screw the threaded end of the tool into the liner, insert a Glock tool into the hole on the tool and pull the old liner out.

To install a new channel liner, place the liner on the unthreaded end of the tool and push the liner into the channel as far as it will go by hand, then lightly tap the end of the tool with a plastic, wood or brass hammer until it fully seats into the channel.


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    This is the tool when is in a hard spot and a rock, works very well

    Posted by Heck on 31st Jan 2022

    excellent quality tool, works like a champ!

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    Worth its weight in gold

    Posted by Indy on 31st Jan 2022

    I had a liner that really stuck. I tried pulling it with a wood screw. I tried penetrating oil. This thing was not coming out. It took 30 seconds with the removal end of this tool.

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    Fast shipping great service

    Posted by Unknown on 31st Jan 2022

    Item arrived on time. Very pleased with the product.

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    Channel Liner works great

    Posted by Tiger381 on 31st Jan 2022

    I have only used the tool to install a channel liner and it works great!

  • 5
    Very pleased

    Posted by Wes on 31st Jan 2022

    First tool I've found that had both removal and install tool all in one. I love it.

  • 5
    Well made

    Posted by Drog on 31st Jan 2022

    Great product

  • 5
    Great tool

    Posted by Mike on 31st Jan 2022

    As advertised ??

  • 5
    Channel liner tool

    Posted by Jeremy on 31st Jan 2022

    A must tool for any Glock guy . great value for a must have Glock tool

  • 5
    A+ tool, easy and simple.

    Posted by WK on 31st Jan 2022

    Well made, simple to use tool. Handy tool to keep with all the other Glock specific tools in the tool box.