Black Raptor Grips Rubber

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The foundation of shooting fast and accurate shots starts with your grip. If you have a good grip on your handgun, you can then shoot faster and more accurately.

The Raptor Grip is designed to give you a better grip on your Glock. They are the best of the best: superior materials, excellent fit and function.

The one-piece design allows full and effective coverage of your Glock handgun. This gives you more control of your firearm and enables you to reduce muzzle flip and increase your speeds from shot to shot.

The new improved design includes bounded finger grips for a quick easy install and to offer the option to either tuck in or tuck over the opposable side.

The Raptor Grip gives the shooter the ability to maintain a consistent grip in wet and humid conditions or even if the hands are slippery or greasy. You will shoot more accurately and faster and more consistent with the Raptor Grips.

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