Blueline Operator Magazine Extension +3 Rounds

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Henning Group has finally released the much anticipated Blueline Operator Magazine Extensions for the Glock pistols. These extensions were over-engineered for a lifetime of service and durability for use in competition or for duty use. The added frontal grove allows for added grip support and a positive Index on reloads, each time, every time. The magazine strips effortlessly with the knife-edge of the support hand, which benefits the shooter in clearing the magazine well faster and also allows for double-feed/failure-to-extract clearance without locking the slide to the rear. Includes a drain hole in the bottom which prevents sediment and moisture buildup in the magazine body to extend the life of the magazine. Hard anodized matte finish to reduce target-signature/shine.

Extends magazine capacity to +4 in 9mm, +3 in .40 S&W and +3 .45ACP

Designed by a door-kicker, for door-kickers.


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    Nice Addition

    Posted by Matt on 31st Jan 2022

    Much better than the normal floorplate. Although be careful during installation as the aluminum slides can cut into the polymer magazine body if the alignment is off. It also helps to push a pin punch through one of the cartridge windows/holes to retain the spring during installation.

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    It's +2 not +3!

    Posted by Ontra on 31st Jan 2022

    The description "+3" is wrong. It is designed for "+2". Then it works nicely. I use it on my G27. This way you do not compress the mag spring too much and avoid feed problems. An old gunsmith told me once: "Load one round less then the capacity and you will never have a feed problem".