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SureStrike 9mm Premium Dry Fire Laser Training Kit.


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  Manufacturer: Laserlyte
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The SureStrikeTM training kit contains: One 9mm SureStrikeTM laser cartridge A safety pipe and nut Extension piece for barrels over 4.5” One battery pack Quick user guide Six reflective targets Convenient carrying case. SureStrike allows any level of pistol user to practice totally safe marksmanship and handling drills with an actual weapon in any location, from the basement to the barracks. The laser cartridge is placed into the chamber and secured in place. By pulling the trigger the impact of the firing pin activates the SureStrikeTM to emit an eye safe laser pulse, a shot of red light, which simulates the point of impact where a bullet fired from the weapon would have struck. This immediate feedback received by the SureStrikeTM transforms dry fire into a powerful learning experience. The cutting edge technology and the highest craftsmanship makes the SureStrikeTM the best Dry fire training for all level of users on the market today!
  • Manufacturer: Laserlyte
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