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Brass Stacker Reserve Round +1 Compact Size Item: BSRRC  Back Ordered
Manufacturer: Brass Stacker
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The Brass Stacker RESERVE ROUND Magazine Base/Floor Plate for Glock magazines.  Works with G-19, G-23, G-26, G-27, G-32, G-33 G-38 and G-39 magazines.  It allows for one round of additional magazine capacity without changing the dimensional profile of the magazine.  It has been developed specifically for concealed carry and law enforcement use. 
  • The RESERVE ROUND magazine base/floor plate is NOT a magazine or grip extension.
  • It is the same size as the Glock factory base/floor plate and does not chang the overall look of the pistol or magazine.
  • It will not increase the pistol's "printing silouette" for concealed carry.

The RESERVE ROUND base/floor plate is supplied with a stronger than factory ISMI magazine spring and steel pressure plate.

It is light weight, rugged steel construction.  CNC machined from SOLID STEEL with a black oxide finish.  The stamped STEEL PRESSURE PLATE has a black oxide finish.  Both made in the U.S.A. with a 100% Lifetime Warranty.

The ISMI magazine Spring is Chrome Silicon Alloy Steel Music Wire, Heat Treated, Shot Peened and Stress Relieved.  It is specifically designed for +1 applications and is Made in the U.S.A.  with a 12 month Replacement Warranty.

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