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Advantage Tactical Sight for Glock

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  Manufacturer: Advantage Tactical Sights
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1)  Lighting fast Intuitive sight alignment

a.  superbly engineered sight

b. scientifically designed for the human brain’s ability to create known, simple geometric forms -- the pyramid

c.   front and rear sight bases are made of steel

d.  colored portions are made of tough, highly florescent interchangeable nylon insert


2)  Adjustable for windage and elevation

a.  elevation adjustable on the front sight; windage adjustable on the rear sight



3)  Color customizable to individual shooter preference and eye sight

a.  5 differently colored front sights and 5 differently rear sight inserts = 25 possible color combinations.


4) Covers less target

a.  the ATS covers less of the target than any other iron sight


5) Precise

a.  with the ATS sight radius is irrelevant:  Make a pyramid; put the tip-top of the         pyramid on the point of intended impact. Even with a short sight radius,

                        there is long range shooting precision capability.


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