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Model: 17 G5, 17 w/Rail, 17C, 17L, 17T, 19, 19 G5
Item: SP33706  In Stock
  Manufacturer: Glock Inc.
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Critical for Ensuring Your Pistol Doesn't Disassemble Itself!

The Glock® Gen5 Slide Lock is a factory replacement part for your Gen5’s original slide lock. It ensures the slide stays on your Glock, while also making it one of the easiest pistols to disassemble for cleaning.

As with earlier "Gens," the Gen5 Slide Lock has deeply serrated edges that make it easy to grasp with the thumb and forefinger so you can remove the slide from the pistol.

Glock’s Gen5 Slide Lock is a factory part manufactured to the exact original specifications as your pistol’s original part to ensure a perfect fit and flawless operation.

  • Manufacturer: Glock Inc.
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