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GTUL MagBrush Combo for the Glock 42/43 is now available. This patented design includes both GTUL and MagBrush for you to safely and effectively clean and maintain your Glock 42/43 magazines. The punch can be used to field strip your Glock.
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  Manufacturer: GTUL
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GTUL will work with both standard and extended floorplates, the punch can be used to field strip your Glock or take apart any centerfire pistol magazine except the XDM

The technique for these magazines can be slightly different than hi caps. The design makes it difficult to push the reinforcement plate into the mag body more than a quarter of an inch. To start, place GTUL on the mag, then push the punch down and forward of the retaining pin. Squeeze GTUL while keeping downward pressure with the punch. Use the punch and leverage it against the front edge of the retaining pin to slide the floorplate off. I have found some ten round magazines where the punch can be moved side to side and worked down in front of the reinforcement plate. This allows you to disassemble these magazines like a hi cap.
  • Manufacturer: GTUL
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Recent Reviews Rating: Reviewed By: Robert K. Review Date: 11/16/2017 Comments: I used the GTUL tool to take apart my Glock 42s and Glock 43 so I could add Pierce +1 magazine extensions so I have a place for my little finger. The tool worked great and I bought them for my other Glock calibers. This took all the struggle out of disa...
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