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White Sound Stainless Steel Mag Spring G-17

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  Manufacturer: White Sound Defense
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White Sound Defense magazine springs are designed to withstand extended field use. These exceptional quality magazine springs provide approximately 10% higher average pressure than standard springs. The additional pressure is designed to improve reliability with tactical lights and improve feeding in dirty/dusty environments. These springs are also longer than stock to better maintain spring tension when used with Glock brand +2 extensions. To compensate for the additional length the coils have been offset in order to ease seating during tactical reloads.

In the field, the real threat to spring life and function is corrosion. Condensation, rain, sea water, and sweat all contribute to the corrosion of magazine springs. The slightest bit of corrosion creates irregularities in the surface of the wire. These irregularities result in stress risers which cause the formation of cracks in the spring wire. Once these cracks start, it is only a matter of time before the spring fails. Music wire, chrome silicon and chrome vanadium are all very vulnerable to this type of corrosion. Platings, coatings and oils all fail given time and exposure. For tactical or military use, modern stainless steels are the best available material choice.

These springs are made from 17-7PH stainless steel. 17-7PH is a precipitation-hardening stainless steel that provides high strength and excellent fatigue properties. It also offers good corrosion resistance, good formability, and constancy in production.

These springs will allow the magazine to be properly seated in the firearm with a full load – 17 rounds in the standard magazine or with 19 when using the +2 base extensions. However, the custom of downloading by one round to smooth tactical reloads (eases seating and reduces side bulge) still has merit and is up to the individual.

These springs will work as extra power 16/18 round .40 caliber magazines. However, because of the additional spring length they require downloading the magazines by 1 round.


Material Hype:
There is a lot of hype about the various materials that are used for magazine springs and most of it is just that – hype. 17-7PH, music wire, chrome silicon and chrome vanadium are all good spring materials. There is relatively little difference between any of the materials when it comes to how long the spring will last. Spring geometry not spring material makes the real difference in fatigue life of magazine springs. The material choice is determined by the environment. In high temperature environments you need heat resistant materials. When corrosion is a concern you need corrosion resistant materials. For more information on spring materials see Tech Article on spring materials.    

No mechanical device will last forever. The more hostile the environment the more often springs and other components should be inspected. In a marine environment even stainless steel springs can experience some corrosion.

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